Next-generation Virtual Currency Begins Now

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Here is the explanatory video of KeY’ token. It explains what kind of virtual currency KeY’ token is, its mechanism and its security. In this digital era, human has successfully created a new type of currency value. As we know, different sorts of technologies have emerged throughout the world since 2010, and the applications of these technologies have continually produced new values over the last few years.

These currencies are affecting the world drastically and will continue to grow beyond our imagination. And now we have a scheme to challenge the world, and it’s called “KeY’ token”.

About KeY’ token Crowdsale (ICO)

Crowdsale time is a period when you can purchase a virtual currency before it is open to the public at its exchange. It is also the time when you can obtain the currency at its lucrative value.

Crowdsale time is a precious period comparing to the time when the currency is open to the public because users who purchased it during this time can expect a rise in its value.

There are many crowdsale going on within, and outside Japan due to a gold rush for virtual currency but I strongly advise everyone to be careful when purchasing a virtual currency as there are many schemes with currency that does not exist or without any development work, and these could be considered as scams.

Also, if a buyer carefully chooses a real product with reliable information, a crowdsale period can be very exact purchase timing.

What is Key token?

It is a token resulted from the unique improvement of blockchain contractual terms.

KeY’ is a token issued from Ethereum which existence value has been widely recognized. The market of virtual currencies became lively as a result of the effort to make blockchain recognizable all over the world. Since KeY’ token is issued from the well-known Ethereum platform, it is an advanced and famous token.

Also, our project is drawing a lot of attention, and its market growth can be expected greatly because our project has a clear purpose in setting up a Smartbank (provisional name), and bringing changes to the financial infrastructure by utilizing blockchain.

point 1
Token complements the strengths and weaknesses of Bitcoin and Ethereum.
point 2
As a research and development trust, KeY’ token guarantees the value of cryptocurrency and gold at the same time.
“KeY`trast” is the first of its kind in such project.
point 3
Banking system capable of simple cash conversion is in development.
point 4
The establishment of the next generation smartbank on the blockchain smart contract based platform and the development of the worldwide exchange network from the banking business will result in high liquidity and high business profitability

The Superiority and Security of Smartbank (provisional name)

By establishing a bank, which is a centralized institution, opposite to blockchain concept, can guarantee the value of virtual currency.

KeY`TOKEN flow

We are building a robust virtual currency market by dealing with different kinds of virtual currencies.

The exchange between virtual currencies, and the basic currencies can be made possible via worldwide ATM by utilizing credit card and debit card issued by a bank.

Of course, you can also enjoy smart shopping around the world using these cards.

We are building a world where holders and users can use or keep their virtual currency freely and securely by guaranteeing its liquidity and preventing the value difference of the same currency in different countries and continents, through establishing smartbank based exchanges in all over the world.

The Future of KeY’ token Project

From Pre-sale Raising to Smartbank Setup

After that, we will build a network that can guarantee the circulation of KeY’ token and a standardized KeY’ value regardless of the country by linking the smartbank to all exchanges around the world.

We will create an entirely new, mistake-free, fraud-free, and trustworthy centralized institution by improving the accessibility of virtual currency through Smartbank, at the same time utilizing blockchain in banking related tasks to reduce labor cost and to automate lending process, exchange transactions, money transfer, credit card usage, KYC tasks and other fields.

Eventually, it will become users’ most trusted and reliable virtual currency!

High Merits for the Holders

Exchange network in Smartbank Setting

The next generation bank service (smartbank), which is under development, seeks to become a bank that handles different types of cryptocurrencies including KeY’ token.
Partnership with the exchanges around the world is possible through blockchain cryptocurrency.

There will be handling fees at an exchange, fees when users use any credit card issued by the smartbank, fees of social funding backed by a bank and so on. These businesses developed from the next generation infrastructure will significantly benefit KeY`token project supporters (holders).

Project Schedule

Total number of token issued

The schedule is subject to change.

Time (Estimated) Schedule Details
Dec 2016 Pre-sale begins, 1 Key = 0.125¢(0 Term)
Jan-Feb 2017 Pre-sale, 1 Key = 0.25¢ (1st Term)
Apr-May 2017 Pre-sale, 1 Key = 0.3125¢(2nd Term)/martbank (provisional name) starts
Jun-Aug 2017 Pre-sale, 1 Key = 0.4 ¢ (3rd Term)
Sep 2017 ICO, 1 Key = 0.8-1.0¢
Apr 2018 Blockchain implementation within organization (holders)
Oct 2018 Partnership with exchange network on 6 continents of the world
Dec 2018 Start to provide white label to all companies